About CosmetAssure

Every surgery, including elective cosmetic surgery, carries the risk of a complication.  CosmetAssure was created in 2003 by board certified plastic surgeons because most major health insurance policies excluded payment for treatment of a complication from an elective cosmetic surgery. As the number of elective cosmetic procedures increase, so does the number of medical complications arising from these procedures. CosmetAssure is an affordable solution to the lack of insurance coverage for medical complications that can occur during or after surgery.

CosmetAssure provides peace of mind to both board certified surgeons and patients in the unlikely event a complication were to occur. Surgeons can execute the best medical care knowing the patient will not suffer a financial loss due to post surgical medical bills.

Covered Procedures

As the pioneer in complications insurance, CosmetAssure provides coverage to patients undergoing a variety of elective cosmetic procedures.

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Coverage Requirements

CosmetAssure covers patients during the 45 days immediately following their surgery with a board certified surgeon. In the event of a complication, treatment at an accredited facility will be covered up to the maximum limits of the policy.

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