A Complication Occurred During My Cosmetic Surgery… Now What?

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You knew that there were risks involved when you chose to have plastic surgery. Whether you are having a cosmetic procedure or any type of surgery, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. You just hoped that it would be smooth sailing for you. Unfortunately, you have experienced a complication during your cosmetic surgery. You need to decide what to do next to address the problem and move forward. You’re not sure which way to turn. Understand that you are not alone and you can do something about your complications.

You Need to Have a Calm Discussion with Your Plastic Surgeon

One of the first steps is to have a clear understanding of what happened during your procedure. Sit down and ask for all of the details. Have someone you love attend the meeting with you. When you are emotional, you may forget to ask important questions or not understand everything that the doctor has to say. Once you know what happened, you need to know what can be done to find a solution for the problem.

Think About the Next Step

As your body goes through the healing process, you will need to consider your options. It may be necessary to have another procedure to correct the problem. You may not want to go with the same doctor again because there were complications.

Consider Contacting the State Medical Board and an Attorney

If you feel that malpractice is the reason that you have had complications, you may need to get in touch with the state medical board in order to file a formal complaint. The board may have to step in and take steps to deal with your plastic surgeon. You can also hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against your plastic surgeon if you have a case.

If your surgeon made an error or did something wrong that caused your complication, you could pursue legal action. In some cases, your own health condition or matters that are beyond the control of your surgeon could result in problems during a surgical procedure. Be sure to know if your complications were due to the fault of your surgeon or not before you take on an attorney.

Give Yourself Time to Process What Has Happened

Most importantly of all, don’t make any rushed decisions. When you first find out that you have had a complication and your surgery did not go as expected, it can be extremely upsetting. Once you have sorted out what happened and you are ready to move forward with a clear head, you can decide what to do next. Turn to family and friends to support you as you make any decisions about your health. Your plastic surgeon, whether it is your existing doctor or a new doctor, will be a part of a team approach to help you.

Have Peace of Mind Thanks to Complications Insurance

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