Questions to Ask your Surgeon


As you approach your upcoming surgery, you may be experiencing a variety of emotions, such as excitement or anxiety. Ask your board certified plastic surgeon these questions to alleviate worry and achieve positive results.

  • Is your surgeon a board-certified plastic surgeon?
  • How often has your surgeon performed the procedure you want to have done?
  • Does your surgeon provide “before and after” photos of past patients who have undergone the procedure you are considering?
  • Where will your surgery take place?
  • Does anything regarding your medical history raise concern for your physician?
  • When does your surgeon suggest you stop taking your medications?
  • If you are alone after surgery does your surgeon have a nurse or a staff member who can be available to take care of you the first evening after surgery?
  • If you are traveling, are you required to stay in-town a period of time, post-surgery?
  • What are your expectations after surgery?
  • What are your surgeon’s expectations after surgery?
  • Will your health insurance cover the cost of your procedure?
  • Will your health insurance cover the cost of treating a complication following cosmetic surgery?
  • Who will pay for the treatment of a post-surgery complication, should you experience one?
  • Does your surgeon participate with CosmetAssure?
  • How long is the recovery time after surgery?
  • When can you return to your normal activities/job?
  • When can you start doing physical activity?
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?


“Savvy patients ask, when a complication occurs, who pays? The look of relief on their faces when I explain the CosmetAssure program is definitely real. It just makes sense, it’s affordable, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless. It shows that you really do care for your patients in many ways.”

Dr. Simona Pautler McMurray
CosmetAssure member since 2005

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