Ashley K. Lentz, MD, FACS

Lentz Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Member since 2017

“CosmetAssure has changed our practice. Many patients do not have the financial means to handle a complication following cosmetic surgery. This gives patients pre-operative insight into potential complications associated with elective surgery, and decreases their anxiety. It also eliminates the financial variable when handling a postoperative complication, and makes the unfortunate experience smoother and more tolerable for the patient and the surgeon.”


David Whiteman, MD FACS

“CosmetAssure is an essential part of the cosmetic surgery package we offer to our patients. The comfort that patients have, knowing that in the event of a complication CosmetAssure is there for them, allows us to have a more open conversation regarding the risks of surgery. Our hospital was even open to accepting assignment in the event that our patients required re-admission! We explain the program to our patients at their initial consultation. Please keep up the good work!”



Dr. Phil Haeck

Seattle, Washington

CosmetAssure member since 2006

“I truly believe [CosmetAssure] gives us an advantage when patients are shopping around visiting more than one plastic surgeon. When we tell them about CosmetAssure, they are amazed that the other surgeon didn’t offer it to them. It sends a very strong message that we place their best interest first.

“We have never had a single patient object to the added cost of the CosmetAssure policy.”


Dr. Jack Fisher

Fisher Cosmetic Surgery
Nashville, Tennessee

CosmetAssure member since 2004

“I have been using the services of CosmetAssure for about four years. My patients and I have been very pleased with the assurance provided in the unlikely event of a complication in the month after surgery.

“Two years ago, I had an abdominoplasty patient develop a pulmonary embolus post operatively.  The patient was very thankful for the coverage CosmetAssure provided.  She came back a year later for more surgery.”


Dr. Simona Pautler

McMurray, Pennsylvania

CosmetAssure member since 2005

“I incorporated CosmetAssure into my practice in 2005 and have never regretted it. Savvy patients ask, when a complication occurs, who pays? The look of relief on their faces when I explain the CosmetAssure program is definitely real. It just makes sense, it’s affordable, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless. It shows that you really do care for your patients in many ways.”


Dr. Mary Snyder

Monument Plastic Surgery
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

CosmetAssure member since 2005

“When we enroll our patients in CosmetAssure as part of the surgical package, they get the added bonus of peace of mind. In the rare event of a major complication, they won’t have to worry about additional costs. When a complication does occur, having CosmetAssure as a “partner” in my practice eases my mind, so that I can focus entirely on my patient.”


Dr. Joseph Mlakar

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

CosmetAssure member since 2009

“One of my patients, a “previous smoker”, developed a MRSA infection in her incisions following a combined abdominoplasty and mastopexies with implants. She and her husband were self-employed, self-insured, and had a limited health insurance plan. But CosmetAssure was there for her. She underwent wound re-excisions, wound care with hospitalization and IV antibiotic therapy, then delayed secondary repairs… She is thankful that she didn’t have financial ruin, and I am grateful that money never became an issue for her in her complicated post-op care.”


Dr. Anthony Breit

Plastic Surgery Assoc. of South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

CosmetAssure member since 2008

“We have been using CosmetAssure insurance in our practice [since 2008]… it provides me with a significant comfort knowing that if a covered complication does occur, it will not be a financial burden to the patient.

“Patients have also been very happy with the policy, knowing that they are covered in case of an emergency. We usually inform our patients the day of surgery about the extra insurance policy and I can tell it is a relief to know that if anything were to go wrong they will be taken care of medically and financially.”


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