What is Complications Insurance for Cosmetic Surgery?

insurance for cosmetic surgery

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a personal one that often involves a great deal of self-reflection and thought. Making a change to your appearance, whether it’s for aesthetic or medical reasons, is a serious commitment.

As with other types of surgical procedures, cosmetic treatment carries certain occasional risks. Choosing a board-certified surgeon with glowing references is a proactive measure to minimizing any risks involved. In addition, complications insurance for cosmetic surgery is a rather new option that is available to patients to help cover any unforeseen issues that could occur. Since problems do sometimes arise during and/or after surgical procedures, we highly encourage you to learn more about complications insurance for cosmetic surgery and how CosmetAssure can help.

About Complications Insurance

Complications insurance for aesthetic procedures allows you, as a patient, to have some peace of mind that any added expenses that arise due to possible surgical missteps would be taken care of. You would not be left with the burden of paying to correct or overcome any post-surgical complications. The need for such services has come because most traditional medical insurance plans do not cover complications associated with an elective procedure, even if it is undertaken for medically necessary reasons.

What is Typically Covered?

You can expect a number of common procedures to fall under the CosmetAssure plan. The following cosmetic surgical treatments are covered with complications insurance:

Other procedures also apply. Complications insurance covers expenses related to problems that could be associated with cosmetic procedures. Some examples include hospitalization, medical procedures, ambulance transportation and follow-up care.

Learn More About CosmetAssure

Complications insurance for cosmetic surgery is well worth the investment considering the peace of mind it provides. It is an invaluable service that will absorb the financial burden that could come with problems related to an elective cosmetic procedure. Should you encounter complications, you do not need to worry about a huge medical bill.

Based out of Birmingham, CosmetAssure proudly offers complications insurance in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong during or after an elective cosmetic procedure. We have been assisting both surgeons and patients in this regard since 2003. Contact us today to learn more about our process.

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